Kate Middleton’s New Diet: Raw Foods Only

Now it’s the raw food diet for Size 6 Kate: Duchess tries trendy regime to improve super-slim figure

She’s already renowned for her Size Six figure and snapped back into shape astonishingly quickly after giving birth to Prince George.
Now, I understand, the Duchess of Cambridge has adopted a rather more unusual diet which involves eating nothing but raw food.

Although Kate is already careful not to consume too many calories, she hopes her new regime will further improve her glowing complexion and help her keep her slender figure.

In particular, the 32-year-old has developed a fondness for the popular Latin American dish ceviche – raw fish marinated in the juice of lemons or limes and spices.

I understand that Kate plans to enjoy at least one day a week on nothing but raw food.

Among the other culinary delights currently on the Duchess’s menu are watermelon salads, gazpacho, goji berries, tabbouleh and almond milk.

A friend of the Duchess says: ‘Kate already has the perfect figure but her motivation is to achieve radiant skin.’

Health experts say that raw foods are excellent for the skin, hair and nails because they contain far higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than cooked food.

Following a healthy eating routine is beneficial for fertility too, prompting Royal observers to wonder whether Kate will be again be sporting an altogether different kind of glow soon.

The Duchess modelled during her days at St Andrews University, when she was thought to be a healthy Size 10, but she slimmed down to a petite Size Eight when she moved to London and reportedly followed the protein-rich Dukan Diet with her mother Carole.

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Now, she is believed to be a delicate Size Six. She even managed to shed her post-pregnancy weight a staggering five weeks after giving birth last year.

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