What Real Men Would Look Like In Pants Ads

Real women with real shapes have figured in ad campaigns for years, with brands such as Dove and M&S showing the female form as nature intended.

So here four brave men donned undies usually modelled by stars… do you prefer the ‘real’ men?

But what about the fellas? Instead of realistic role models, they are still faced with images of perfectly sculpted males modelling boxers beneath impossibly taut six-packs.

This month saw David Beckham striking yet more smouldering poses to plug his new H&M undies range. So we decided it was time the guys got a chance to show what real men look like in 2013.

Here, JENNY FRANCIS meets four brave Sun readers who posed in their pants to try to recreate the famous ads.
BOLTON-born surveyor Paul Lofthouse stood in as Armani-wearing Ronaldo in our photo shoot. Paul, 28, measures 5ft 3in and has a 30in waist. He and girlfriend Emma have a 12-week-old son, Alfie. Paul says…

“Ronaldo looks cool pulling the pose in tiny tight pants but every part of my body felt in the wrong position to look good in any way. It’s not exactly a pose I’d pull in real life.

But Ronaldo isn’t a realistic representation of a real modern man, he’s an athlete. If every aspect of my life was controlled, from my fitness regime to diet, maybe I’d look manly pulling this pose instead of weird.
When I saw the pic I thought, ‘I need to go back to the gym.’ I had a six-pack many years ago and it would have come in useful now but I don’t have the time or motivation to go to the gym every day.

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It’s just not worth all the time and effort to try to get myself looking like Ronaldo.

Life is too short – I’ve a lovely girlfriend and a gorgeous baby son, so why would I want to miss out on time with them just to get a six-pack?”
WE styled software company worker Steve Atwell as soccer hunk Freddie Ljungberg in Calvin Kleins. Single Steve, 36, from Wimbledon, south west London, is 6ft 1in with a 42in waist. He says…

“I remember when I was in my twenties I watched Fight Club with Brad Pitt and thought, ‘I want to look like that.’

I started going to the gym and lifting weights to try to tone up but it was alot of effort and didn’t work.

I ended up getting bigger and bigger but not getting a six-pack and one day at work I yawned and my shirt ripped open.

I’m a vegetarian so I eat healthily but drink is my weakness. I drink wine and beer socially all the time and that’s where the extra weight comes from.

I do look at guys in ads and think, ‘Yeah, they look good,’ and of course I’d like to look like them, but I also don’t mind the way I look.

I loved the shoot – it was hilarious to be an underwear model for a day andeven if I don’t look like Freddie Ljungberg I had fun pretending to be him.”

SALES administrator Ben Roderick posed as model David Gandy in Dolce & Gabbana undies. Ben, 33, from Colliers Wood, south London – who has a girlfriend, Sarah – is 5ft 11in, with a 32in waist. He says…

“I know I’m not the most muscular guy but I like to think I’m in OK shape. I go running twice a week but I’m not obsessive about the way I look.

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I’m not a fan of lifting weights. It just bores me, so I’m never going to have a body like David Gandy’s.

I don’t mind not having a six-pack or anything as long as I’m not obese.

To be honest I don’t think using ordinary guys in ads would be that appealing.

They are selling the idea of the perfect body so if a fat, balding, toothless man was dressing in their pants I doubt any man would buy into it.

I did enjoy the shoot but I did feel a bit silly at first, posing with my shirt off, trying to be all moody and butch. I re-enacted it at home for Sarah and she fell about laughing.

I won’t be the next big male model so I will stick to the day job.”

DIVORCED office worker Suleyman Bozkurt was styled to look like David Beckham in his pants range for H&M. Suleyman, 38, is 5ft 10in, with a 36in waist. Born in Turkey, he has been in the UK for 12 years and lives in
Gloucester. He says…

“Weirdly, posing in my boxers felt quite natural. I actually enjoyed it and although I thought I’d feel shy, it actually gave me a lot of confidence.

Of course I’d love to look like David Beckham – every man would – but men are more realistic about their bodies. Most realise we’re not going to be stacked like a professional athlete so we carry on eating what we want. When
I saw the photo of me next to Beckham’s I smiled. We’re opposites but I think I look good.

I don’t compare my body – what’s the point? I’d love to be able to work out all day but my desk-bound job doesn’t let me. I’m happy with how I look and won’t beat myself up about not looking like Beckham.

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Hopefully this picture will attract some attention from the ladies.

I’m not Beckham – but I’m not that bad.”

The Sun

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